A.T.&N. Will Cross A.G.S. at York - Grading
Progressing Rapidly.

        President John T. Cochrane of the Alabama, Tennessee and Northern Railroad has made positive announcement that his road will intersect the Alabama Great Southern and Southern Railroads at York, six miles north of this place.  The announcement did not create any surprise here, as it had been conceded for some time that the road would be built to that point.
        The engineers are now setting the grade stakes into that town and construction work is being pushed in that direction as rapidly as possible.  The citizens have been given assurance that the rails would be laid and trains running into that place by October at the latest.
        York is a thriving town of about six or seven hundred population, and the coming of the third railroad is acting as a stimulus to a growth that promises in time to make it a busy and bustling city.
        Just the exact course the Alabama, Tennessee and Northern will take after leaving York is problematical, or at least has those not in touch with the situation guessing.  It is conjectured by some that an alliance will be formed with the Allison road.

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