Steel Laid to Within Four Miles of York

Good Progress is Being Made in Construction of A.T.&N. Railroad

        Everybody throughout this section is interested in the progress being made in the construction of the Alabama, Tennessee & Northern, and the following from the Meridian Star under date of January 25, will be of interest.
        Mr. John T. Cochrane, president of the Alabama, Tennessee and Northern railroad, passed through Meridian last night enroute to Mobile.
        When asked by a Star representative as to what progress was being made on the new road, he stated that the had ridden down on a train yesterday from Reform to with four miles of York.  He stated that the remainder of the route had been graded into York and that a large crew were at work laying steel and that the completion of work was only a question of a few weeks.
        He stated that two contractors were also at work grading south of York and that there was a crew of men laying steel northward at points about twelve miles north of the Tombigbee.  It is only a question of a short time until Mr. Cochrane will have completed a railroad between the rich coal fields of Alabama and the gulf.

The York Weekly Press
Thursday, January 26, 1911