A.T.&N. Completes Track From Reform to York

York Is On A Big Boom

 Gap South Of York Being Closed as Fast as Men and Mules can Move the Dirt.

        The gap in the line of the Alabama, Tennessee and Northern Railroad between Reform and York was closed Saturday when the last spike was driven and the last rail laid that connects these two towns.  The entry of the new line into York was unaccompanied by any demonstration on the part of the citizens, but hundreds of hearts of patriotic citizens beat with pride as they realized that York now is the intersection of three lines of railway.
        The coming of the new road means an epoch in the history of York.  Backed up by the richest farming and timber sections in the state, is in close touch with the rich coal fields of Alabama on one side and deep water on the other there is no reason why the town should not make rapid strides in the direction of a prosperous and growing city and speedily reach that goal.

The York Weekly Press
March 9, 1911