Miscellaneous #2

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The "steel span" which crosses the Black Warrior River at Demopolis.  The bridge was built in 1928 by the Frisco and has been hit by barge traffic several times.  Back in the 60's a motorcar ran into the river while the span was up.  The motor car lies in its grave even today. 

This is the last of the semaphore signals on the Columbus Sub out of Amory.  This interlocker at Linden, Alabama will soon get new signals.  This one has been replaced by the one that can be seen just to the left in the background. 
The Frisco just will not die!  This gon was on the house track in Linden, Alabama on March 11, 1999.  The SL-SF is still prominent.  

This Norfolk Southern engine #5197 sits in the BNSF yard in Mobile, Alabama in January 1999.  It was involved in a collision in Saraland, Alabama.

Pullman Car 2367 named Joseph S. Signaigo rests on a siding of the Luxapalila Railroad.  While the outside looks to be in great condition the interior is needing a good bit of repair.  
Around 6:30 a.m. on January 31, 1999 a BNSF grain train bound for Mobile derailed just south of the Jefferson Station crossing.  In all 33 cars of soybeans were on the ground and destroyed.  Heavy rains had washed out a culvert under the track.  Engines and 13 cars crossed over the washout before the spill began. 

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Here is a closer view of the derailment.  Because of heavy rains you can see the cars lying in water with soybeans everywhere.  The 33 cars made an awesome sight.  Had the engines gone off first it would probably  been death for some or all onboard.  Engineer Roger Cadden said it only felt like a bump as he crossed the washout.

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Another view of the derailment at Jefferson.  The ground is colored yellow from the soybeans.  The water on the side of the track wants to cover the accident. Click Thumbnail for larger picture

This view is from the west side of the train just before reaching the north car that is derailed.  It is approximately MP745.3.  Click Thumbnail for larger picture