Miscellaneous #3

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Meridian & Bigbee Railroad engine number 109 waits in the yard at Naheola, Alabama.
This is Meridian & Bigbee Railroad engine number 107.
Most of the AT&N track is gone but this is a picture of the main line that goes from Mobile out to Axis to work the chemical plant there
The Frisco donated an old cracker box caboose to the City of York, Alabama.  It was nearly destroyed by fire and all that remains is a rotten shell.  The train order signal came from the old AT&N depot in York.    
Frisco engine 1529 as she sits in Amory, Mississippi in the park.  A sister to the famous 1522 she is in poor condition.   Temporarily Removed
Frisco US Mail Railway Post Office Car. You still can read "FRISCO" above the windows but can't make out the original car number. The MW number was 109147. It is located on the backside of a lumber company in York, AL.

Temporarily Removed